Self Storage Hints, Tips and Advice

Wherever possible, do plan ahead so that everybody involved in your move can be prepared and ready to go on the day.

Ideally, call in to Greenbox well ahead of time to reserve a suitably sized unit for your needs, pick up any storage boxes and packaging materials that you may need and chat through the various aspects of self storage over a coffee with one of our friendly advisors.

Packing advice

  • Disassemble the bigger items if possible (keeping any screws or fixings in labelled bags).
  • Use proper storage boxes of good quality so that they offer good protection, don’t collapse and are easy to stack. A full range is on sale at Greenbox.
  • Box everything that you can! You avoid losing things and it’s so much easier when transporting.
  • Avoid putting too many heavy items in one box. Spread the weightier items evenly amongst boxes so that they are easier to carry.
  • Wrap glassware and china individually. Use Greenbox packing materials to protect items and to pad out empty spaces.
  • Make an inventory of your items as you go along and label the boxes on the top and one side for easy identification of contents at a later stage.
  • Defrost and clean out fridges and freezers and tape doors closed for the journey.
  • Contact Greenbox for advice should you have any packing questions or concerns.

Loading the van

  • Load the largest items first and pack the space between items to limit movement in transit.
  • Load the heavier boxes low down and stack the lighter ones on top.
  • Keep all your personal items such as your wallet, handbag, specs and keys in one bag so that you can keep them safe and accessible in the van cab.
  • If you’re running late, contact Greenbox and we will endeavour to arrange out of hours access or overnight parking.

Using your storage space efficiently

  • Place your large items into your storage unit first and fill in any spaces with smaller items.
  • Fill the space in hollow items such as wardrobes and cupboards with boxes or smaller items.
  • Stack boxes with the heaviest ones at the bottom and also ensure that your identification markings or labels are visible.
  • Wedge open the doors of fridges, freezers, washing machines, etc to allow ventilation.
  • Use plastic covers for protecting beds, sofas and other soft furnishings. Greenbox have a wide selection of packing materials for sale instore
  • Position near the door any items that you may need more regular access to.
  • If you have a larger storage unit, consider leaving a walkway through the middle for easier access to more items if required.
  • Finally, position dust sheets over your stored items.