Business & Trade Storage

For businesses small or large, Greenbox have a range of solutions for your space, storage and cost/efficiency issues. A few typical situations are shown below but whatever your own situation may be, we can usually help with advice and a simple, practical and cost-effective solution. Phone us now or call in to discuss your needs!

I want to free up expensive office space:
Use Greenbox to store excess stock, samples, seldom-used exhibition items or anything else that’s not required on a regular basis. Use your office as an office and not a store room!

I don’t want to commit to a long lease:
You can rent space for as little as one week and you are only required to give one week’s notice when you want to move out.

My space requirements change from time to time:
You can easily move to a bigger or smaller room as required and only pay for the correct amount of space needed at that time.

I’m moving to a smaller office:
Don’t be cramped, move all your non-essential and infrequently used items to Greenbox for secure storage. You’ll have easy access to them 7 days a week during our long business hours.

I need to arrange Archiving:
We can provide racked rooms for the orderly storage and management of your important documents. Retrieval couldn’t be easier with easy access and free use of trolleys if required.

I need a low cost, flexible arrangement for my new start small business: You can use a Greenbox room as a temporary office, storage and delivery/collection point to minimise costs while your business grows. There are no rates or utility bills and the rooms are available for as long as you want with only 7 days notice required should you want to move out.

I’m a Tradesman and I don’t want to keep my valuable tools and materials at home: Many plumbers, electricians and builders use Self Storage as a secure and convenient way of keeping their homes and vehicles free of tools and materials that are not in daily use. Our long opening hours allow easy access as and when required.

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