Student Storage

Instead of moving your stuff home and back between terms, why not store it easily and securely at Greenbox?

No need to worry about your things while you’re back at home or away travelling, we can take care of all your student furniture, hi-fi, books and other valuables while you get on and enjoy your well-deserved break.

You can rent as much space as you need, right down to as little as one of our small lockers (1 cubic metre) should your needs be modest!


All lockers and our larger storage rooms benefit from the high-tec security features at our building, including digital CCTV and PIN access systems for complete peace of mind.

Rental periods range from just one week to as long as you like with only one week’s notice required when you’re ready to leave.

We know that you have plenty of other things to spend your money on so we try and make our student storage as affordable as possible. Special student offers available – just produce valid student ID card and pre-pay for your stay to qualify for:

  • 10% discount on storage
  • 10% discount on boxes and packing materials

To save even more money, why not consider grouping together with one or two fellow students to share the space and the cost?